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Common Dental Problems

Loose tooth
Teeth can become loose for a variety of reasons:
  • Gum disease
  • Cracked roots
  • Impact injuries
What can I do?
All natural teeth will move slightly to cushion the teeth while you chew, but if a tooth feels particularly loose, it's crucial to contact the Practice immediately.
My new filling hurts
It is normal to experience sensitivity after you have recently had a filling, especially if there has been decay in the tooth. This is due to irritations form the decal and from working on that tooth. If this is the only cause, you can expect the tooth to get gradually better within a couple of days, but in severe cases the this can last for several months. Do not be alarmed, as long as the tooth is gradually improving.
Sometimes, the decay could have been close to the pulp of the tooth. In this case, some bacteria will always be present in the thin porous dentine between the filling and the nerve. The bacteria can invade the nerve of the tooth causing an infection. If you experience sensitivity in your tooth like a dull throbbing toothache especially with hot liquids, it indicates that the tooth is not recovering from this infection and will need endodontic treatment.
Silver-Mercury amalgam fillings
It is normal to expect post operative pain with silver-mercury amalgam fillings. As these fillings are metallic, they can conduct hot and cold to the centre of the tooth quite easily, and the teeth can remain sensitive for up to several weeks.
Composite White fillings
After having composite white fillings, there is sometimes an unusual kind of sensitivity which can occur. Here the tooth is not sensitive when you clench your teeth together, but will experience a sharp pain when food is chewed. It is not clear what causes this, though it seems to be related to possible bonding failure or contamination of the bond. Replacing the filling with another composite filling will usually eliminate the sensitivity.

Hot and cold sensitivity can also be a problem with composite white fillings. This is because the material used undergoes polymerisation shrinkage as it is cured by the blue light gun. As it sets the filling contracts within the tooth causing stresses. These stresses can take some time to equalise and may also be affected by extremes of temperature since they make the tooth expand and contract.

As the majority of patients are numb with local anaesthetic when the filling is placed it is not always possible to tell exactly where your “bite” is, even though your dentist spends time checking to make sure. If your bite is uneven, and your new filling feels “high” or “proud” when biting it may require a bite adjustment.

Something's wrong with my tooth
My tooth is sensitive to air
As we get older, more of the root of a tooth can become exposed, and sensitive. This tooth may need either a filling or a protective coating to prevent irritation of the tooth. A tooth which is sensitive to the air can also be aggravated by any other irritation to the tooth such as deep fillings, decay, or recent dental treatment.
My tooth is sensitive to temperature
Sensitivity to temperature is a classic symptom of the pulp of the tooth being inflamed. Some possible causes include:
Deep decay.
This problem can usually be fixed with a treatment such as a filling or a crown. If the problem progresses to a certain point, root canal therapy will required to save the tooth.
Recent dental treatment.
Dental treatments can irritate your teeth. If you experience sensitivity immediately after a new filling, crown, or treatment do not be concerned. If your tooth is still sensitive after a week or more, or if the sensitivity gets worse becomes more intense, you should you're your tooth checked by your dentist
Exposed roots.
If you have receded gums, or the enamel of your tooth has worn to where the sensitive part of the tooth is exposed, it can make your tooth sensitive to cold. A filling or protective coating can keep your tooth from becoming too irritated.

Places on your teeth where the enamel has worn or been recently polished can also cause sensitivity to sweets. If this is the case, the sensitivity should get better with time, perhaps with the help of sensitive toothpaste and mouthwash.

My tooth is sensitive to biting
Sensitivity to biting can take several forms, and can be caused by several factors. Generally the whole tooth is sensitive to any pressure on it. Although in special cases the tooth could be sensitive in a certain place in the middle of the tooth. This is a very peculiar type of sensitivity that seems to come from certain recently done white fillings. Replacing the filling will usually rectify the problem. The sensitivity is particularly annoying as it can take several months for it to go away on its own.

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