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Oroklini Dental Care

High Tech Dentistry

Here at Oroklini Dental Care we offer you expert dentistry that will put a smile on your face.

We respond to all current trends in dentistry, and are therefore very pleased to be able to offer you a unique dental service.

Our aim is to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible utilising the best technologies of the 21st century.

We wish to carry out the least invasive dentistry on you, consistent with maintaining the highest standards of oral health.

DIAGNOdent - Accurate, reliable caries detection aid We have a laser device (DIAGNOdent) which helps detect decay at a very early stage, even before it can be detected on conventional x-rays. This means we are then able to carry out an earlier, minimally invasive intervention.

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So that you can see and understand what is going on in your mouth and see what treatment we may be proposing, we can show you with our intra oral camera.

There is no need to wait for radiographs to develop as these are visible on the computer monitor seconds after they are taken. We also use the latest x-ray units to minimise the radiation exposure which in dentistry is already extremely low.

Fluid Abrasion - The Aquacut Quattro We reduce the use of the drill to the absolute minimum as no one really likes this. Instead, where possible, we use fluid air abrasion. In most cases, local anaesthetic is not required, and the Quattro Aquacut is virtually silent, with no vibration or bad smell.

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Wand STA If local anaesthetic (injection) is required, we are able to use the “Wand STA”. This is a computerised machine which allows us to carry out all anaesthesia comfortably.

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Velopex Diode Laser We also have a soft tissue laser which has many uses in dentistry including fast tooth whitening, treatment of gum disease, sterilization during root canal treatment and for various other procedures.

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Of course, the use of the drill is largely unavoidable, and George has invested in the very latest headpieces to minimise the noise and vibration as much as possible.

You can be assured that at Oroklini Dental Care, every effort has been made to give you the most comfortable experience possible.

We hope to continue investing in high tech dentistry in the future.

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